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The Railroaders played in the old Kitty League which was founded in 1903.  The League played baseball at the Class D level from 1903 to 1955.  In 2005 the Fulton Railroaders were reborn within a new K.I.T. League after 50 years. The Railroaders played with the new KIT League through 2010.  In 2011, the Railroaders joined the Ohio Valley League.   Teams for 2014 are from Fulton KY, Owensboro KY, Madisonville KY, Hopkinsville KY and Dubois County IN.

League Information

The league will play a 40 game schedule beginning May 30, 2014 with playoff series beginning July 23.  Major League rules and guidelines will be followed and all umpires are NCAA certified.  We are a collegiate wooden bat league. 

Team Information

The Fulton Railroader Baseball Club L.L.C. is owned by local business people.  Our goal is to provide a quality baseball team and excitement for the citizens of our area. 


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All home games are played at Lohaus Field, Fulton KY.


Tuesday's results . . Miners 6, Railroaders 5 . . Railroaders play Hoppers at home Wednesday, more below . .

208 Main Street

Fulton, Kentucky


OVL Standings 2014

Team W L % GB


27 13 .675 -


21.5 17.5 .551 5


21 18 .538 5.5

Dubois Co.

19.5 20.5 .488 7.5


10 30 .250 17

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Home games only

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Miners 6, Railroaders 5.  (July 22, 2014)  Game summary pending.  Box scores click here.


Fulton will host Hoppers on Wednesday.  (July 22, 2014)  Regardless whether Fulton wins or loses tonight in Madisonville, the Railroaders will face off at home with the Hoptown Hoppers on Wednesday.  The game will decide which team, Railroaders or Hoppers, will take the second seed in the standings to complete the regular season.  The loser will slotted into third place. 

     Both teams will play again on Thursday to begin the best of three 2nd round of the playoffs.  Wednesday's game will also determine where the first game of round 2 will played.  If the Railroaders win they will travel to Hoptown for game one, then return to Fulton on Friday for the second game and again on Saturday if a third game is necessary.  Should the Railroaders lose tomorrow, Fulton will host on Thursday the travel to Hopkinsville for games 2 and 3 as needed.

     See Hoghead for another and lighter view of the situation.


Statement from OVL President.  (From OVL)  A note of explanation regarding behavior of players. As we are operating league wide under American League rules, there is no rule or precedent allowing or requiring entire benches or teams to be ejected. Only a few obvious perpetrators, usually 1 or 2 players are ever ejected. The league teams have all been admonished about the player behavior and the OVL demands much better deportment than was exhibited in Huntingburg. All the teams and league officials are indeed sorry and regret the incident and are united in trying to prevent a repeat.

Gordon Guess President OVL 

Railroaders 10, Miners 4.  (July 21, 2014)  The Railroaders chalked up 14 hits on Monday to help take a 10-4 win over the Miners in Fulton.  With the OVL ruling received just before game time (see below), Fulton has yet to seal a second seed in the standings.  The previously forfeited games by Hopkinsville on Saturday and Sunday being withdrawn, leaves the Railroaders with the same 21-17 record they started with at game time.

     Tonight's game was mostly dominated by Fulton as the Railroaders pounded Miners' starter Austin Bickerton for 7 hits in the first 2 2/3 innings.  Two Miner errors help the Railroaders add 4 unearned runs to 4 earned to give Fulton an 8-0 lead. 

     The Miners finally got something going in the 6th inning as Fulton's starter Cory Main began to tire on the mound.  After giving up only one hit through five innings, Main was hit for a double and single along with his first and only walk. The Miners took these and advantage of a costly Railroaders error to put up 3 runs.  Main was relieved on the mound by Fernando Gonzalez who quickly shut down Madisonville. Fulton quickly responded in the bottom half of the inning adding 2 runs on 3 hits and another Miners error.

     Madisonville managed their final run in the 8th.  A leadoff Jackson Martin double setup Jake Perry who followed with a RBI single.

     Conner Hill was best for Fulton at the plate.  Hill was 4 for 5, two RBI and one run scored. Dayton Rausch was next going 2 for 2, one RBI and scoring twice.  Tyler Marshall and Daniel Goff both were 2 for 5 and combined for 3 RBI and 3 scored runs.

     Isaac Perry was 1 for 4 and knocked in two RBI for the Miners.  Jake Perry had one hit for a RBI to total out the score for Madisonville.  Cory Finkler went 2 for 5 and scored once.

     Main takes the win for a good 5 2/3 innings pitched.  Along with Gonzalez, Will Hazen and Cole Schaenzer helped to finish the game.  The loss goes to Bickerton.  The Miners used three more in relief, Kevin Melton, Brendan Janes and Miles Wagner.

       The Railroaders now travel to Madisonville on Tuesday to take on the Miners in their final season match-up together.  Box scores click here.


OVL rules to withdraw forfeited Hoptown games.  (July 21, 2014) (From OVL)  The OVL executive committee met today and took definitive action necessary to overcome the less than stellar umpiring job that occurred in Huntingburg Indiana where the Hoppers and Bombers got into a huge field altercation. Fairness and maturity combined with experience and common sense judgment prevailed in settling differences created by one bad umpiring decision and compounded by another one, but worse.
     Settlement was achieved by revoking the forfeiture loss charged to Hoptown and restoring playing rights to all the players on both teams involved without being suspended a game. The Hopper-Bomber game was determined to be a tie game because the score was 7 to 7 when play was stopped. Technically it's called "game over" and won't be replayed over or continued from the 11th inning as if it were a suspended game. Individual stats for the game, except for pitcher winner & loser, will be used in calculating season stats for individual performances. The game goes in the record books for statistical purposes as 1/2 game won and 1/2 game loss.
     Additionally, the Hopkinsville forfeited game at Fulton on Sunday, July 20 has been withdrawn. A possible make up game may be held at Fulton on Wednesday, July 23 entertaining Hoptown should the standings require it. Standings have been adjusted to reflect this decision.
     The playoffs will still begin on schedule without delay Wednesday, July 23 with Madisonville opening up at Dubois County in Round One single game. The winner will move on to the Round Two semifinals best of three series against with the top seeded Owensboro Oilers.

Fulton Railroaders 9, Hopkinsville Hoppers 0 - Forfeit.  (July 21, 2014)  By an OVL ruling the forfeit has been withdrawn.

Monday night is Fan Appreciation Night   (July 19, 2014)  This Monday night will be the last Home Game in the regular season for the Railroaders and it's Fan Appreciation Night at Lohaus Field.   There will be give-a-away for fans attending the game.  The Railroaders will be playing the Madisonville Miners.

     Tomorrow, Sunday, the Railroaders will host and play the Hopkinsville Hoppers in Fulton.  Make plans to attend both the final season games and cheer on the Railroaders as the finish the season and prepare for the post season playoffs scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 23.

Railroaders 7, Hoppers 4.  (July 18, 2014)  The Railroaders and Hoppers both fought well on Friday with Fulton coming out on top and gaining a game on second place Hoptown in the standings.  A game total of 22 hits and mild weather made for an excellent night of baseball at Fulton's Lohaus Field.

     The Hoppers got off to a quick start scoring one run in the 1st inning.  Three hit singles ended with a Scotty Adkins RBI rap with two outs.

     The Railroaders immediately responded with three hits for two runs. Reed Johnson hit a RBI double to scored one then made home on a following RBI double by Dayton Rausch.  Fulton took a 2-1 lead.

     Hoptown fought back in the 2nd inning to tie it up at two each.  Sean Brophy singled, advanced to second on a wild pitch and made third base on a Meade Kendrick single.  Brophy was driven in with a sacrifice fly by Matthew Alford.

     Fulton's quickly regained the lead when Daniel Goff lead off the bottom half of the 2nd inning with homerun, his second for the season.

     The Railroaders extended their lead in 4th scoring two more runs.  Both Jeremiah Spring and Goff started the inning with singles and later crossed the plate on two fielder's choice plays

     The Hoppers banged out two more runs in the top of the 5th inning.  Solo homeruns by Taylor Blair and Jeffrey Kammer closed the score to 5-4 but still in Fulton's favor.

     In the bottom of the 8th the Railroaders put up two more insurance runs.  Jeremiah Spring reached base on an error and made third stealing two bases.  After two walks loaded the bases, Spring scored off a RBI single by Tyler Marshall.  With bases still loaded, Conner Hill drew yet another walk for a RBI.

     A total of fifteen different hitters form both sides got one or two hits on the evening.

     For Fulton, Justin Vernia gets the win for the first five innings on the mound.  Vernia gave up 9 hits, 4 earned runs, no walks and had 5 strikeouts.  Clay Chandler threw for 3 scoreless innings with only one hit given up and a strikeout.  Keaton Baker closed out the final innings earning a save, no hits, one walk and 2 strikeouts.

     The loss for Hoptown is taken by starter Reese Johnson for 6 innings.  Johnson allowed 10 hits, 5 earned runs, no walks and had 2 strikeouts.  Health Petty and Josh Drake each pitched one inning to close out for the Hoppers.

     The two teams meet one more time in regular season play on Sunday in Fulton. Hoptown leads the season series 7-2 over Fulton.  Box scores click here.

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